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Shooting the opening scene (Actually the last scene we shot).



Co-pilot Arthur at work.



The model room before the "atmosphere" was added.




Shooting into the observation deck from the stairway entrance. We used a pee-wee dolly only a few times - the sets were built as closed-in as possible to heighten the claustrophobic atmosphere. We forced ourselves to shoot as if the station walls were real and constrictive.




Shooting the "video screen" footage on Betacam.



The long climb to the top of the "Gateway" set - about 17 feet high.



Looking up at the camera rigging to get a "bird's eye" view of the gateway - no easy task. We used a 9.8mm lens and a 200' mag on the Arriflex.



Co-photographer Steve Wylam checks a light reading.




Shooting a floor-level shot on the gateway set.



Another angle of the same set-up with Paul Nolan.



Rolling the Arriflex on Paul Nolan.