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October 27, 2005 - New review snippets. The Ascension DVD is now available. Buy it through FilmThreat, Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, Circuit City and many others. To contact the filmmakers, please visit the Guestbook and leave a  comment if you'd like. 

Check out the FilmThreat interview with John Krawlzik CLICK HERE


 "Despite the shoestring budget, the film looks terrific: it's shot on 35mm and Krawlzik has an extraordinary eye for striking compositions. The moodiness and claustrophobia become almost intolerable as the mysterious tale unfolds." - Jurgen Fauth, ABOUT.COM


"John Krawlzik's low-budget indie sci-fi title is awash in starkly impressive production values... the look and feel make Ascension well worth a rental for genre fans." - Rich Rosell, DIGITALLY OBSESSED


"A low-budget labour of love sci-fi film that was shot for less than $100,000 over a 3 to 4 year period. The results are impressive..."  -   James O'Ehley, SCI-FI MOVIE PAGE


"A mind trip worth tuning into."   -    Dennis Schwartz, OZUS' WORLD MOVIE REVIEWS


"Exceedingly well-directed and periodically quite fascinating..." -  Scott Weinberg, DVDTALK.COM