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35mm -80 minutes



Ascension is a chilling,  compelling  science fiction film.






The year is 2057 - Special Investigator Hayes is sent to a remote scientific base on Titan, the  largest moon of Saturn. In a world at war, Hayes has reached the end of the line - pushing back the horrors with pills and denial. 



He is sent to investigate the suicide of team leader Barnett.  The remaining researchers, Lippert and Sterner, study the moon's mysterious and deadly storms.






Hayes soon realizes that his mission will go far beyond its original scope. Through isolation and the imminent danger of a threatening storm,






he is drawn into a nightmare world of real and imagined dangers… a claustrophobic universe of fear, betrayal and imminent death.






Finding the courage to face the demons both inside and out, Hayes discovers the key to the storm's mystery, Barnett's  death, and the transformation of  himself.

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