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This page contains a brief Bio of ASCENSION writer/director John Krawlzik, and also lists more information on his production company Fresh Ground Pictures, a division of Imageworks Film & Video, Inc.



Director John Krawlzik has completed his first feature-length film, Ascension. He has directed hundreds of corporate films, as well as regional and national commercials. He is an accomplished cinematographer as well, serving in that capacity for much of his corporate and commercial work. He and his wife, Lorrie King, have worked together as a Director-Producer team for nearly 17 years.

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"With Ascension, I set out to make a visual film; a story told through images - something I think many independent features don't accomplish. The film  is sparse on dialogue - as the situation in the story would dictate. By not spoon-feeding the audience, the experience of seeing the film becomes much more inward, personal and direct.

Although we were working on a very low budget, we set out to create this world of the future with as much realism and accuracy as possible. The vehicles and the station were designed as complete, functional units. Virtually every foot of film was shot on a set - something rarely done on such a low budget. We carefully designed the entire production - from sets to lighting, to final sound elements. It was important that every detail worked to enhance the story and characters. In a film like Ascension, audiences need to first absolutely believe the basic premise is real.

Unlike many pictures made today, I wanted Ascension to stick with an audience long after the viewing experience- to seep into that neverland of the subconscious where all truly important insights occur. We made the film precise enough to create tension and drama, but open enough so that viewers can bring a piece of themselves to it. If the film works in your subconscious, if it creates that wonderful inner sense of uncanniness and mystery, then I believe we've succeeded. I once read that science fiction pushed to its extreme enters the spiritual realm - that’s exactly the attitude we brought to this movie."


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Fresh Ground Pictures is a division of Imageworks Film & Video, Inc., a Reading, PA-based production company owned by Director John Krawlzik, and Producer Lorrie King.  

Imageworks Film & Video, Inc. was founded 14 years ago as a corporate and commercial producer's group and production house, dedicated to providing regional and national accounts with state-of-the-art technical capabilities, married with a top-notch creative staff.  Imageworks thrives as a regional leader in corporate film and video, as well as DVD authoring services.

Fresh Ground Pictures was spun from Imageworks Film & Video, Inc. in 1997.   All current commercial and independent projects are now produced under the name Fresh Ground Pictures.


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